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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  May 9, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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i'm... jeff barnd. 3 jennifer gilbbet. 3 hopkins students../ hurt... in a it and &prun accident... ovvrrthe áátonightáá../ there are questions.. of time being. 3 thhs accident happened arounn p a-m saturday at thh intersection of st paul and impala hittinggtwo students & anddthen speeding off. 3 injuued were bee zucker wwo's a sophhmoreeat hopkins - aad rrchel cchee a freshmenn the tto were walkkng back to campus housing following a party whhn tte acccdent has rreurnnd homeeto 3 me... while the driver may 3 doesn't appear s he was drunk..-
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there are also questions reggrding tth studentt and & phether they had been still unanswerrd... hether & he stuueets were in a prosswalk when thhy weree 3 10:43:39 you knoww e live in the city an urban campus urban & environment. yoo need to be very very ccreful :46 3 3 10:43359 it's important to pe aware of youu surroundings at all times to look out for 3 earller this year a bicyylist was struckknnar & hopkins.he now ssffers frrm permmnent brain damage. in octoberr2009 miriam frankel -3 was killed by a drunk driver -3 at st. paul and university.. inn n effort to improve and -3&penhance pedestraii safety... the city wwll egin work in joy lepola fox 45 newssat -3 p:30. a... drunk driver accused of fatally hitting a pedestrian... ii february is joshua allee. was driving down... ranklinville... in carroll county when poliie
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say he hit and killed 19- year-old essica belknapallen -3 was intoxicaaed aa the time. 3& a nnw effort s unddrway tonight to free a man convicted of killing police ago. áámelindaáá &p roeder...// live... from ááwhereáá a... city council member..
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3 some residents... inn
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liithiccm... waat to derail... the light & pail stop... & near their homes. homes.nnighbors say.... p muggings... have become more common....and violent.../ ááciiingáá a recent case... where the culprits... attacked a victim../.áásomeáá light aillriders... admit.../ & átheyá don't feel safe. p "theee's just no lights at aal. it's verr scary coming -3 arounn the hiil, you know." 3 innreased patrols...// ááthooe living near the linthhcum stop... ssa.. & they waat tteer nnighborhhod back. &p3 anne arundel county police.. are lookiig for a &pman who broke into a homm inn pasadena. 33&pit happened... onnthis stteet.... catherine avenue & pear east shore road.the 88 year ll victim awoke to a hand over her mooth.she pscceamed ffr help - -3 wakkng othees ii the home.thee &pburglar thee raa from the house. 3 a baltimore city councilman isscalling on ciiy agencyyto -3 get its financial house inn order..e says its bad bookkeeping is hurting city 3 in east baltimoree..with what &peeseea likely candidate for mayor is saying tonight.
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3&pannaccideet on the outerloop of the beltway... sends a & car intt a sediment pondd pond.ii happpned this afterroon between dulaney valley and yorkk oad exits.the drivvr lost control after colliding with a dump truck - ssnding it off the road.reecue driver to safety after shh climbed out onto theetop oo her hooo. she sufferee minorr - injuries. 3 how are the roaas lookinggtonight? tonight??auren cook has our - traffic edge report. -3 repoot.
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3& a... jewish... day - sshool in park heights... s closiig its 3 sccool year. ram-ban.. ooened iit doorr....20 yyars ago.../ - áásundayáá it was revealed this year - pould be the laat.../. officials sayyrising costs and shrinking contributions... are mainnl to blame...//.áátheáá school's... workiig n a plan.. to transfer students to other schooll. 3 the eed sccool of maryland - peld a dedication ceremony to significant donors. donors.former
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ravens owner & arrtur modell and his wife patricia were preeented witt a special dedication ceremonn to - celebrate the school's growth jeanette weinberg foundation was also honored.the eed college-preparatory ublic boarding schooll --------cheering-------- --------cheerinn--------a suuprise visit to mountt gradeeteacher margaret may was shocked to learn she'd wwn & baatiiore city'ss2011 teacher of the yeaa - school's c-e-o andres alonso ppesented her with the awardd.-&&p"i think my om's meant a lot to me so i want tt make sure -& these idssget what they need to move n and be successsul." successful."may is now a candidate ffrrthe maryland teacher of the year awwrd presented in he fall. 3 3 dooyou spend... youu nights & tossing and turring? áámaybeáá your - beddis tooohot... ann you need to cool down. downn 3 that and two ther tips to
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falling asleeppfaster. 3 3 millions of 3 where the &pmississippi will ccest.. aad the help being sent frrm baltimore. & 3 and.. america's trains.. -3 target of terrorism. the drastic teps one lawmakerr wnts to ake to make ridinn the rails safer. 3 3 --adblib weather tz--
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ú 3 laae orr from memphis tennessee, it looks like thee late tonight, hours earlier then prreiouslyypredicted. 3 sooe american... red cross workers from maryland... are theee,... to hhlp.../: áákathleenáá cairnss.. spoke to some... via skype... kathleen : 3 ((kath))thh next ew hours ii & memphis will be ruciall.. phe flood waters have reachedd record breaking flood for that effeeted, has spreed... 3 ((vo)) the water is on the rise in memphis, where hundreds of homes aae in the & path of he expanning mississippi river..ore then 3- & thouusnd properties have been &pevacuuted lready... from businesses to omes. downttwn mmmphis has already been hit
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&pworkerssfroommaryland are &palreadd on thh scene of the -crisiss including keein burr: whh spoke witt us via skype: 3 (kevin burr)"iissa slow &prising flood but gives people theirrmedications, ble toouse support sttuctures, family and friends and get to safe areas." 3 ((kath)) the red cross worrers froo maryyand are prepared o help open as many as 15 shelters.. for victims - in the memphis area. kc fox 45 neww att5;30 &p 3 questions pprsist on whaa pakiitan knew about the -3 wherrabouts of osama bin laden -3 before he was killed last week. as proof navy seals raided the abbottabad, pakistaa compound and killed the terrorist
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leader. innladen livvd &pthere ffr years.. and many ay pakisatan.. &p3&pobama says: "we think that ttere had to e some sort of support network for bii laden inside f pakistan. 3 3& hayden says: the buuden f proof is on them. i mean, the president was both correct nd cautious in his comments last 3 it's inconceivvble that therr -& was not a network.. & peework." 3& meaawhiiee. a search of bin laden's compound founnd & that l qaeda was coosidering - hitting a u-s ailway. nnw york senator charles 3 security on ammrak trains... & simiiar tt what's in plaaeefor airplanes. that could include aa"do not ridee 3&pthat brings ssto ourrquestion of thh ay. should there bb more security on ammrican railways? 3 go to fox-baltimore dot com pnddtell us what you think. you can also sound off through ffcebook. ssnd uu a tweet.. 3 text your answer to 45503.. enter fox45aa or yes.. or fox45b for no..yur rrsponse might air tooight on the newss at ten. - 3 orrcooplete
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coverage on the dath of ossma bin laden.. go to foxbaltiioreedot com and unddr hot topics..- & 33 3 pdon't... get a good nights sleep? ááitááá could lead.. to an early death.../. áápennná saae stuuys find... those who get less ttannsix hours a night... ere ... 4--times more likely to die of any causee get you ssoozing./. áákeepáá cool..../ áá youráá core temperatuue.. needssto drop a few degrees... ffr you & to ffll sleep..../.asleepp..//. áástayáá áásleepingáá with....yoor head slightly above your stomach .. ccn stop... ightttimm heartburn.../. heartburn.../. -3 ááandááá.. don't anytting brrghh bbfore clossng your eyes for the night...//. 3 peter moore says: "whaa &happens is ovvr a millenia pe've been trained to spot the sun rising ver thh horizon ann it sets off aacascade f ssress hormones wwhch actually wakes us up in tth morning. oddly enough your brain haa that same reaction to the smartphonn screen. etting pff the cascade of stress reactions." -3 reactions." doctors... say counting sheep is no
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jokee./ ááiiáá -3 rowds out... &p3 3 15:34:58 we always made a pack that we would wook together in somm compacity, 3 pauua abdul.. working aggii with simon cowell. the two them at the judge's ttble for the x-factor. --adblib weatter tz-- @
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simon cowell and paula abdull are juuging together again. this time on the uupomiig fox singiig competttion, "the x factor"..- faccor".. he shhw... will -3& debut... in few months,.../ they're already hard aa work. work. 3 the two came together his -3 wwekend to tape thh auditton 3 pop singer herry judges panel for the show.. and simon is happy about it. siion says: immexciied, i think we made the righh - decision and the last few weeks were including ttat bunch over there and we stuck to our guns and that's what happens when you ake a tvv show espeeially a eality tv show) snd bite: (paula abdul / 00418mm)15:34:58 we lwayy made aapack that we would work
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-3&ptogether innsome compaciiy, hope for this, i'm thilled always kept me n his thougghs good bad or indifferent. snd bite: ((imonncowell 00488i) 15:42:08 she waa always y first choice and i always said &pi was going to have her n my show, buttlike eeeryone else she had to audition.snd full: & x-factorr mmking the jump from the britiih versiin of the same shoo, cheryl cclee &pwill now have tt e cool with - (cheryl cole/ 00350x) 15:29:06 i didn't used to be & this competitive, unntlli met simoo ann he acttally briigs --3 thatt ide of me out. for antonio l.a. reid, who uuuully works behind the 3 to the spotlight and finding - ssd bite: la reid / 0020ytt 3 singgng competiiion for me it's an entertainnent competition "the x faator"" 3 i'm candace dold ann that's your lowdown. 3 while... we prepare for the x-factor.../ ááthere'sáá... still aa ot off "american idol" eft.../. áácandaceeá will bb
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-3 in hollywood....for finale week../ ááreportingáá live... on the build upp.. to the showdown... between the top two ... idol contestants. and.../ you person../. ááweereááá giving away... a trip to hollywood for he idol finale.../. finale.../. áájusttá watch... fox45 tonight... tt learn who... is the idol legend../ ááthenáá 3 tomorrow..// áácalláá ááandáá you could qualify for the rip. 3 beautifull ooday. monday. chief meteorologist vvtas rrid lets us kkow how long thiss tretch - of weather will astt.- llst. -333 3
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3 you can be in charge of yourrown - personalized forecast. i-radar is now available at foxbaltimore dot com. use the interactive tools to tracc coming stormm ddon to your street. go to foxbaltimore dot com - plash i-radar. 3&p3 ssudents at a local city sccool gets a special visit by boldin----haathe had to say
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the search or a successor for & well..ii fact, it's becommng kinddoffa turn--dwn fest ii anythinn...sean miiler. ike
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brey, and brad stevenn have all officialll said no thanks & tt terps athletic director mikeeanderson... &ppndersonn.. ann it ooks aa iffthis guy, 3 way to the top of the & tte coach aa texas a&m and before that at wichita turgeon, aacording to the -houuton chronicle, is being & pursued by the fact, espn is reporttng he's received a contraat offer... he's led the agggis to fouu consecutive ncaa tournament appearances, nd hhd hos contract redone to the tune of 3 name to keee aa eye on, fromn what we hear, is thht of richmond coach chris may jjst hear it 3 3 elsswhere...a long coaching career is coming tt an apparent enn....ony eaman is out as head llcroose coach at towson university..the school announced his resignatton today... today...he just compleeed his and it as ne of his worst...the tigers were just &p3-10 this season, and just 1-5 -3 in the caa...the irst time 3 finished bblow 500 innthe conference...2000 as his high point there...when he led towson to the final fourrandd pas named national coach of
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the year...overall, he was 99- 933at tooson, and is 263-166 3hopkiinsand penn as well as towson..the searcc or a succeesor begins immediattly...setevnsoo'' paul cantabene is one of the nnmes you';ll heaa..stty tunnd.. & 3 .we'll preview johnn hopkins first round matchup with hofstra... tte o's get gooddand ad injury news... and our plays of the week - countddwn... ttat's all commng pnlimited.. back t you... --ttsssto vytas-- vytas-- 3 33 3
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3 students... at... excel academy... special visst ---- froo a speciallguest. 3 "lets here it for anquan (cheerinn)" (cheering)"baltiiore raven anquan boldin spoke to the class on the iportanceeof staying heaathy and active.the appearance was a part of a &pccntest at mmx 106-5. when asked if he wwuld evee leave - with the ravens. & 3 that's all or fox45 news at 5:30."king of queens" s next. next.and we'll be back tonight for ffx45 nees at ten ---aad 11....e'lllsee ou later. later.


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